• Authoritative data service provider for identity authentication, risk control data, enterprise information and enterprise digital transformation

    It focuses on providing compliance, authoritative and safe data authentication services, including multi-source data authentication API, H5, applet and customized integration services such as public security Ctid, operator, UnionPay, enterprise industry and commerce, enterprise tax, transportation and freight
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  • Usense Data officially joined Zhongguancun Anxin network identity authentication industry alliance

    Oidaa alliance purpose: to build a safe and reliable network application environment
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  • Enterprise information query API

    Fast and accurate enterprise information query API. It covers multi-dimensional information such as industrial and commercial information, judicial proceedings, intellectual property rights and ownership structure
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About us

Adhere to the development concept of "compliance, authority and security", practice the industry mission of "data technology enabled industrial upgrading", and Usense Data provides enterprises with data services such as identity verification, data risk control and enterprise information report. Products are widely used in finance, insurance, personnel, security, Internet and other industries. Usense Data helps the marketization and compliance circulation of data elements!

Industry Solutions

Financial technology KYC / KYB / risk control

Safe and compliant service solutions to accelerate financial intelligence

Data enabled KYC / KYB to help the development of smart risk control

Match various business scenarios and improve the level of financial technology

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Intelligent human back adjustment

Multidimensional and comprehensive search, early warning of enterprise employment risk

Customize the exclusive intelligent back tracking service to make authorization more convenient and compliant

Relying on authoritative data services, greatly reduce labor costs

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Digitization of government institutions

Build a data base system and give play to the role of data elements

More data, less people running errands

Notarization office, visa office, military security and other project case practice

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Internet real name authentication

Real name authentication scheme helps Internet transformation and upgrading

Relying on real name, demonstration and real person services of government affairs

Ticket verification, hotel check-in, online payment and other real name scenarios

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Electronic business license

Take the State Administration of market supervision as the source of trust

Enterprise digital electronic business license

Improve the speed and safety of enterprises

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Digital evaluation of enterprise credit

Enterprise credit evaluation helps enterprises gain insight into potential customers

Automatic service + intelligent analysis of multi-dimensional data

Credit report containing business information and tax information

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Product service

KYC identity authentication

Integrate the identity authentication services authorized by the public security department, immigration administration and credit investigation institutions.

Real name authentication | Validity of ID card | Unity of witness and witness | Electronic identity | Mobile NFC global passport verification

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Risk control data service

Obtain the risk profile of target customers for enterprises through official authorization certification and data security technology.

Corporate negativity | Financial risk control | Risk level query | Enterprise negative | Enterprise administrative punishment

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Enterprise information query

Query the details of enterprise information according to the full data of national industrial and commercial enterprises and user authorization information.

Four elements of enterprise | Enterprise organization | Invoice verification | Enterprise fuzzy information

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Operator mobile authentication

Relying on the authorized interfaces of the three operators, verify the relevant mobile phone information and feed back the detection results in real time.

Operator two elements | Three elements of operators | Address verification | Shutdown times | Empty number detection | On line time

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AI data service

Use the industry-leading AI deep learning algorithm to complete the information comparison and verification of ID cards, bank cards and other certificates.

Face recognition | ID card OCR identification | Invoice OCR identification | Business license OCR identification | Verification of NFC certificate SOD

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Enterprise digital services

Provide mature customized solutions for enterprise digital transformation based on the authorization of authoritative official data sources.

H5 authentication gateway | Mobile NFC certificate identification | Enterprise electronic business license | Electronic special ticket

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Bank card authentication

It is connected to the full real-time interface of the banking system, covering more than 3000 banks across the country and authenticating bank cards quickly.

Bank card authentication | Two elements of bank card | Attribution query | Bank card characteristics and scores

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Tax data service

After obtaining the authorization of the enterprise user, the tax data service is invoked to verify the tax credit situation of the enterprise.

Tax class a list | Tax arrears announcement information | Enterprise negative information (detailed) | Invoice inspection

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Vehicle operation verification

Relying on the compliance data services of the transportation, freight and vehicle management departments, check the relevant information after obtaining the authorization of the parties.

Road transport certificate verification | Heavy truck vehicle information query | Query of operating vehicles | Vehicle maintenance | Vehicle accident record

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Company qualification

Company qualification
  • Membership certificate of Zhongguancun Anxin network identity authentication industry alliance
  • A first-class cooperation organization of ZHONGDUN Anxin trusted identity authentication platform of the Ministry of public security
  • Member of Shanghai Information Network Security Management Association
  • Member units of Internet Financial identity authentication Alliance
  • ISO 27001: 2013 Information security management system certification
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality management system certification
  • 2020 China AI golden goose Award  
  • HR service business filing voucher  
  • Enterprise credit rating certificate  
  • High tech enterprise certificate  

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