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    An authoritative data analytics supplier.

    Our focus is on providing compliant, authoritative, and secure data authentication services, including multi-source data verification APIs, H5 real name verification, applets, and custom integration services such as for Police CITD, Product suppliers, UnionPay, and enterprise commerce, tax, and trade.
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    Enterprise Lookup API

    Quickly and accurately look up information on any business with our API. We provide information on many factors including industrial and commercial information, legal proceedings, intellectual property rights and ownership structure.
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About us

Secure, compliant, and authoritative data solutions, enabling industries to advance and improve.

Usense Data provides enterprises with key data solutions in areas such as identity verification, risk management, and reporting, providing digitisation of enterprises in areas such as finance, insurance, human resources, security, and internet business.

Industry Solutions

Digital marketing Digital marketing

Empowering enterprises with precision marketing through the use of AI algorithms, data models, and other technical means.

Through various partnered media placement platforms, we provide advertisers with crowd selection optimization, customer profile label addition, risk traffic identification, and advertising placement to achieve digital marketing growth.

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Enterprise Data Services Enterprise Data Services

We provide many different services to help our clients gain better insight into their enterprises, as well as provide early warning and risk management systems. For example: industrial information, business information, equity penetration information, legal and public interests, annual reports, tax returns and invoices, comprehensive performance scores.

Clients can customise what services to provide based on their own business needs.

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Fully Automatic Digital Invoice System Automatic full electronic invoice

Realising automatic invoicing of all electronic invoices through a customized invoicing process.

With services such as batch download, invoice return, and cross platform management, to solve the complications faced by enterprises that come with large volumes of invoices and lack of centralised information management.

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Financial solutions: KYC/KYB/Risk Management

Secure and compliant service solutions to accelerate financial intelligence.

Using data to empower KYC/KYB functionalities, to support the development of smart risk control.

Matching various business scenarios to enhance the level of financial technology.

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Intelligent Background Checking

Using multi-factor evaluation to notify enterprises of employment risks.

Customized exclusive intelligent background checking service for more convenient and compliant authorization.

Using authoritative data sources to greatly reduce costs of background checks.

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Digitization of Government Agencies

Building digital infrastructure to leverage the use of data.

So that databases do more work instead of people.

Case studies on projects such as notary offices, visa offices, and military security.

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Internet Real Name Authentication

Real name authentication methods help propel forwards the development of the internet.

Using government records to provide name, identification, and person verification services.

In situations such as ticket verification, hotel check-in, and online payment.

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NFC and H5 Identity VerificationNFC and H5 Identity Verification

Using NFC protocols to read passport information.

Combining with a person’s picture to verify the authenticity of data.

For remote identification of documents for account opening and authentication.

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Digital Evaluation of Enterprise Credit

Corporate credit assessment helps companies gain insight into potential customers.

Automated services and intelligent analysis for multi-dimensional data to produce a credit report containing business and tax information.

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Products and Services

KYC Identity Verification

Integrate the identity authentication services authorized by the public security department, immigration administration and credit investigation institutions. Integrating identity services and authentication processes of the public security department, immigration, and credit institutions.

Two-factor ID verification | ID OCR recognition | Comparison of picture with person carrying ID | Live face recognition | Global passport recognition | Face comparison | Four factor ID verification

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Risk Management Data Service

Obtaining risk profiles through secure and official data services, helping businesses achieve their risk management strategies.

Legal representative background | Financial risk management | Risk level query | Hidden enterprise records | Legal sanction and dispute history | Reputation score | Blacklisting | Credit repayment rating | Complaint labelling | High risk ventures

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Enterprise information query

Query details of an enterprise according to the full data of national, industrial and commercial enterprises, and user authorization information.

Enterprise four-factor verification | Organisational Structure | Business positions report | Business news and pubic opinion | Business name-hiding lookup | Equity penetration

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Carrier Mobile Authentication

Using the API endpoints of the three major carriers, to verify the integrity of mobile-related data in real time.

Carrier two-factor | Carrier three-factor | Address verification | Shut down frequency | Blank number testing | Online time

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AI data service

Managing tax data, inspecting records, and verifying integrity using industry-leading AI algorithms.

Face recognition | ID card OCR identification | Invoice OCR identification | Business license OCR identification | Verification of NFC certificate SOD

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Enterprise digital services

Provide mature, customised services for enterprise using authoritative official data sources.

H5 authentication gateway | Mobile NFC certificate identification | Enterprise electronic business license | Electronic special ticket

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Bank card authentication

Connecting real-time to the interfaces of over 3000 banks nation-wide to quickly and easily verify cards.

Bank card authentication | Two-factor card authorisation | Attribution query | Bank card characteristics and scores

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Tax data service

After obtaining the authorization of the enterprise user, the tax data service is invoked to verify the tax credit situation of the enterprise.

Tax class a list | Tax arrears announcement information | Enterprise negative information (detailed) | Invoice inspection

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Vehicle operation verification

Relying on the compliance data services of the transportation, freight and vehicle management departments, check the relevant information after obtaining the authorization of the parties. Obtaining relevant authorisations for smooth logistical management of transport vehicles.

Road transport certificate verification | Heavy truck vehicle information query | Query of operating vehicles | Vehicle maintenance | Vehicle accident record

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Company qualifications

Company qualifications
  • Membership certificate of Zhongguancun Anxin network identity authentication industry alliance
  • A first-class cooperation organization of ZHONGDUN Anxin trusted identity authentication platform of the Ministry of public security
  • Member of Shanghai Information Network Security Management Association
  • Member units of Internet Financial identity authentication Alliance
  • ISO 27001: 2013 Information security management system certification
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality management system certification
  • 2020 China AI golden goose Award  
  • HR service business filing voucher  
  • Enterprise credit rating certificate  
  • High tech enterprise certificate  

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